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A Typical Day

The Sixth Form is open from 8am until 4.30pm, students are welcome to use the building to study during this time. Form time is compulsory for all students and begins at 8.30am. Each day has six teaching sessions, the length of each teaching session is 50 minutes. Study periods will appear on all student timetables. Students are expected to use this time effectively either, in the i site, which is a quiet study area, or the Common Room. Students are asked to stay on site during study periods, except in Year 13 where students on target, are permitted to leave the site to study independently. There is a coffee bar where students can purchase fresh coffee, snacks, sandwiches, salads and paninis. Students are also welcome to use the main school restaurant facilities or are free to leave the building and use the surrounding amenities during lunch.

Dress Code

In keeping with accepted professional and commercial standards a Sixth Form student dress code is in place. This establishes a professional ethos in the Sixth Form. For programmes of study where there is a large proportion of practical activities, appropriate practical clothing is required. In the Common Room, social and learning areas, professional dress is expected of all students.


High standards of attendance and punctuality are expected in the Sixth Form and are essential if students are to achieve their target outcomes on their chosen programme. This is closely monitored by our electronic attendance system.

Tutor Groups

Upon entry into the Sixth Form students are placed into tutor groups. Tutors assist in the mentoring of each student, tracking their progress and conducting personal one-to-one guidance sessions. At the beginning of Year 12 minimum target grades are set based on GCSE results. These are then reviewed throughout Year 12 to challenge students further. Tutors are responsible for writing references for UCAS, apprenticeships and employment applications

Student Services

The Student Services team are based in the Common Room and are the focal point for all advice, guidance and additional support. Our Student Services team are available to all students for confidential advice and support on any matter. They are available from 8:00am until 4:30pm every day. Support from our Student Services team begins from an expression of interest, throughout the application process, through to the completion of their chosen curriculum. Personalised support is available if a student has any additional needs.

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