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We teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. Every pupil will receive live remote lessons for each of their subjects delivered via Googlemeets. All lessons will be taught by a subject specialist. However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example, some classes may need to be combined to allow us to deliver on site to Critical Worker pupils and vulnerable pupils. We may also have to combine classes where a member of staff is unavailable for illness or another personal or professional reason. Every pupil will follow their normal timetable. There will also be provision for form time, regular check in with form tutor.. Each pupil will also receive ongoing assessment from their teacher. This is important to gauge progress and attainment feedback will be  provided Google Classroom.

All Sixth Form students will follow their normal timetable of lessons.

Statement of Remote Learning 

Pupil Code of Conduct

Request a Digital Device

Request a digital device for your child

Ashton on Mersey School are working hard to ensure that all of our pupils have a suitable device and internet access to complete their remote learning.

A suitable device is:

  • A laptop computer or similar device like a ChromeBook.
  • A desktop computer

What is not a suitable device:

  • A Smartphone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy
  • The majority of work can be completed on an iPad or similar tablet, although producing long pieces of written work on this kind of device can be extremely difficult. We therefore recommend that pupils request a device if they only have access to a tablet.

Acceptable reasons for requesting a device:

  1. Your child only has access to a device which is not suitable (a Smartphone)
  2. Your child is having to share a suitable device with a sibling or other member of the household
  3. Your child only has access to a tablet or Smartphone
  4. Your child does not have access to an effective internet a connection
  5. Your child did have access to a suitable device but it is now broken.

How to request a device:

Please complete the following form to request a device for your child.

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