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UKFast Work Experience & Beach Week
UKFast Work Experience & Beach Week

Sixth Form students had the opportunity to visit UKFast as part of their work experience and this is what they had to say:

Holly Rowson 

This week at UKfast has been a unique and incredible experience. The CEO of UKfast announced that this week should be dedicated to summer so he allowed the staff to wear their own clothes and called it ‘beach week’. Beach week was good because I was able to wear comfortable clothing for the warm weather which then helped me relax into doing more work for the teams I was working with. Each team I worked with was very welcoming and I enjoyed every minute I worked with them and i learned a lot of new skills. I recommend UKfast for anyone who is thinking of doing work experience in an IT company, it is the best place I have ever done work experience and I have made many memories and friends already during my week. Everyone who works at UKfast is friendly and cheerful and I will miss working here. Definitely the best work experience I’ve been to and I would love to do my apprenticeship here.


James Newton

UK Fast was incredible from start to finish and I couldn’t have asked for a better work experience. The beach theme clothing made working a lot easier and helped me relax and enjoy the week even more, it should be this way in every company! The Beach party throughout the afternoon of the last day was the pinnacle of my experience. I would advise any student to go on work experience at UK Fast as you are able to balance working hard and at the same time being able to enjoy what you do because it is such a good environment to work in. UK Fast has been brilliant; all the individual teams were helpful and very welcoming. The week was summed up by the Beach party in the car park which was thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable, just like the whole week!

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Sam Whiteley 

UKFast was amazing, it was beach week. This meant that everything was beach themed everyone was wearing shorts t-shirts and flipflops. IT was brilliant all the teams were friendly and the working environment was amazing, one minute people are doing hard work and the next they are shooting each other with nerf guns. This makes me wonder if work is actually a task because if you work for UKFast then work would definitely be enjoyable. This whole beach themed week was definitely topped of by the beach party out in the car park where there was a ‘beach’ the ‘sea and other fun things. I think the work experience here could not of been any better then it was and this was a surreal experience.


I would just like to say James, Sam and Holly have been superstars! They possess unique qualities and core values we seek in all of our employees and were always up for getting stuck into all aspects of the business. They have been a credit to Ashton on Mersey School and the Trust and look forward to having more students on board @UKFast.

Aaron Saxton
Director of Training and Education

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